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Trivergent Health Alliance Case Study

Customer profile

6.5 million tests annually

3 Maryland-based hospitals

Frederick Hospital, Meritus Medical Center & UPMC Western Maryland Hospital

The challenge

In creating the Trivergent Health Alliance, leaders of the 3 Maryland-based hospitals wanted each hospital lab to continue operating on its own.

The outcomes

Clinisys, in partnership with Data Innovations, made instrument interfaces and test routing possible among three hospital labs and their diverse equipment. Clinisys Atlas Multi-Lab Networking is designed for healthcare systems seeking to build and manage diagnostic testing networks, automate test sharing, and reach other alliance or consolidation goals.

Using the savings from the project, the alliance purchased equipment to begin molecular testing in 2019. When COVID testing began in 2020, the alliance was able to shift to COVID testing almost immediately on their new equipment. This saved the alliance $25M in 2020.

The challenge

Customer problem

Together, the three hospital labs perform about 6.5 million tests annually. The lab leadership team articulated these goals:

  • Share tests among the three hospital labs
  • Maintain each hospital’s existing LIS
  • Send specimens between the labs with instrument-ready barcode labels available at time of collection
  • Reduce reference lab costs by $1 million annually in the second year

Bruce Williams

Corporate Director of Laboratory Services

Trivergent Health Alliance

With Clinisys Atlas™ Multi-Lab Networking, not only did we drastically reduce costs…but also I can confidently say the solution saved us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data management, keeping track of data for patient records and patient outcomes, was nearly impossible (under the first system)

The Solution

Clinisys Atlas™ Multi-Lab Networking

$6.5M has been saved between 2014 and 2021 on routine testing. Beginning in 2020, COVID-19 testing got off the ground immediately and led to another $17.7M in savings that year for a total of $19M saved in 2020. The savings are based on 57,000 routine tests, over 332,000 COVID-19 tests and the insourcing of nearly 80 different test types.


How did we achieve the Trivergent Health Alliance vision?

Clinisys Multi-lab Networking achieved the following goals for Trivergent:

  • Test sharing
  • Batch lists
  • High-capacity equipment usage
  • Instrument-ready specimens
  • Reduced the reference lab send out costs
  • Provided faster turnaround time
  • Expanded offerings to include molecular diagnostics