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Clinisys WorldCare

Digitize disease incident reporting and outbreak monitoring

Greater efficiency brings greater impact. Shift your public health department away from manual case management and reporting tasks to focus instead on higher value activities that have a greater impact on community health and safety.
Create these new efficiencies by fully digitising case and incident reports and sharing data electronically. Use configurable tools and reports to monitor human, animal, or environmental issues for chronic, acute, and communicable disease incidents and emergent environmental health and safety threats on any scale.

Modernize with scalable, resilient data systems

Clinisys WorldCare is a comprehensive and highly scalable public health software solution comprised of functionality for a disease surveillance system, reportable conditions identification system, outbreak management system, case management software, and epidemiological decision-making software.
To safeguard public health, Clinisys WorldCare helps you intuitively and securely connect public health departments, clinical and analytical laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare providers for comprehensive investigations and holistic reporting.

Make confident public health decisions and responses

Improve data integrity for more confident data-driven decisions when field data is captured online, and when incoming reports are digital and in real time. Faster, more informed decisions can lead to well-coordinated public health responses.
With more confidence in the reliability of your data, your public health agency has more time to focus on action, supplying scientists, families, and providers with better information and the right resources to deal with the situation.

Watch the Clinisys WorldCare overview video 

See how Clinisys WorldCare managed >1 million lab messages per day for a US state at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Modernize your agency’s disease tracking and reporting with Clinisys WorldCare, a disease data management solution that captures, compiles, and shares data from health jurisdictions of any size for epidemiological analysis, study, and action.

Doctor giving boy shot
Doctor giving boy shot

Track the data to meet your public health goals

Have complete flexibility to define and capture the data elements your public health department gathers.

Clinisys WorldCare provides a modern data management and data warehousing infrastructure for public health departments at the county, state, or federal level. Define in Clinisys WorldCare the case-level data for local health department officials to gather that is specific to a disease, condition, or incident.

Establish any number of data collection questionnaires for health officials to use for probing during case investigations—all in simplified HTML formats for ease of data entry and use on mobile devices in the field.

Also append pertinent supplementary information to cases, like photos, GPS coordinates, or laboratory test results.

Analysis of samples in microplates by automation robotics
Analysis of samples in microplates by automation robotics

Manage high volumes of cases and users

Ensure a timely and accurate information flow among public health officials, even with pandemic-scale volumes of case reports and new users.

Clinisys WorldCare is a highly-scalable infectious disease reporting system and public health information management system that supports both electronic case reporting and electronic laboratory reporting. At the peak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Clinisys WorldCare proved robust enough to manage over 1 million lab messages per day within a US state.

Clinisys WorldCare also handles manual data imports, giving you the flexibility to support temporary uploads.

Woman hands folded looking at camera
Woman hands folded looking at camera

Simplify notifiable incident reporting

Make reporting, exchange, and management of reportable disease incidents and outbreaks easier between local, tribal, state, or federal levels.

Clinisys WorldCare is an electronic disease surveillance system that meets architectural and NEDSS-compatible data transmission standards set forth in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) NNDSS Modernisation Initiative.

Aligned to CDC’s data modernization initiative, Clinisys WorldCare is CDC NEDSS Base System (NBS) compliant, using HL7 and other protocols to share data with any number of health information exchange databases, disease registries, or cancer registries for near real-time situation reporting and epidemiological analytics.

Mother and adult daughter hiking
Mother and adult daughter hiking

Make previously siloed data interoperable

Get the full picture on incidents by integrating data from disparate systems that could be relevant to disease monitoring, outbreak management, or epidemiological investigation.  

Map ELR, eCR, eICR, HIE, LIS, EMR, EHR, or LIMS data to Clinisys WorldCare to populate public health case management records or to compile into the disease surveillance or disease outbreak management software repositories in the Clinisys WorldCare data warehouse.  

Integrating previously siloed data into Clinisys WorldCare opens up new opportunities for your health department to ensure health equity, taking into account the different challenges of healthcare access and public health case management across urban, rural, and tribal communities.

woman looking at map
woman looking at map

Configure, search, and analyze surveillance data

In a communicable disease outbreak, time is of the essence for public health officials. Reliable, timely public health data is critical to coordinating the appropriate public health department response for the affected population.

Establish your public health agency’s disease surveillance protocols in Clinisys WorldCare by using system tools that securely connect national, provincial, and county health departments with laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare providers for timely public health investigation, reporting, tracing, and intervention.

Public health workers as well as epidemiologists can use the Clinisys WorldCare system permission-based global search and reporting capabilities for insights into public health case management at every stage of patient care, infectious disease contact tracing, and disease surveillance.

Female taking sample
Female taking sample

Link human, animal and environmental incidents

Investigate human as well as animal and environmental cases, diseases, and conditions using data gathered in Clinisys WorldCare.

More importantly, trace contacts, track disease transmission, and associate cases for investigations of causality to better identify emerging outbreaks or health and safety threats between human, animals, and the environments in which we all live.

With Clinisys WorldCare, you define the public health conditions you track, which can include infectious disease reporting, chronic disease monitoring, acute disease tracking, environmental contaminants, occupational health issues, toxicology lab testing results, genetic testing results, newborn screening results for maternal and child wellness, or others.

See the State of Missouri’s ROI criteria

Build a strong business case for modernising your reportable conditions surveillance system. View the State of Missouri’s ‘Cost/Impact/ROI’ for an overview of the internal and external considerations that drove their decision to invest in Clinisys WorldCare.*

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* Shared with permission from the Bureau of Data Modernisation and Interoperability at Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.