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Clinisys Toxicology Laboratory

Improve productivity and accelerate drug testing

Clinisys Toxicology Laboratory offers you all the benefits of a modern laboratory information management system (LIMS), supporting the workflow and processes used to test for legal and illegal drug use, monitor addiction treatments, conduct pain management and undertake forensic toxicology services. Our solution helps labs streamline and increase throughput using flexible workflows.

Workflow optimized for your lab

Changes in customer billing, an intensely competitive marketplace, and increased regulatory scrutiny have shifted the landscape of toxicology testing. To respond and succeed, toxicology labs need a proven and specialist best-of-breed solution.

Clinisys Toxicology Laboratory enables you to improve efficiency and productivity, whether at single or multiple testing facilities. We help you reduce turnaround times to compete successfully and win new business, whilst continuing to satisfy your existing customers.

Grow your toxicology testing business

Healthcare providers, employers and government agencies rely upon drug testing services. To grow your business, you need a platform that offers efficient workflow with full auditing capabilities that can meet regulatory compliance. Clinisys Toxicology Laboratory delivers all of these essential features on a platform designed to scale seamlessly as your business expands its volume of tests and grows to handle multiple locations.

Addiction treatment

Lab testing to monitor substance use is critical to addiction treatment regimes. Lab tests allow healthcare providers to help patients better manage addictions. Our proven workflows let you process very high volumes of tests without any loss of quality control. Automation captures instrument data and portal integration simplifies ordering and results reporting.

Pain management

Chronic pain is a reality for many, dictating the use of opioids and other pain killers requiring careful administration by healthcare providers. Our intuitive navigation and flexible configuration capability provides a user-friendly platform to improve productivity and create an efficient working environment for your lab professionals. 

Forensic toxicology

Forensic toxicology relies upon sophisticated instruments and precise methodologies to test a range of sample types collected at autopsy or crime scenes. Our solution handles these complex workflows and testing scenarios, providing the required audit trails and internal chain of custodies, comprehensive data collection, and integration to court management systems.

Enhance your toxicology lab

Discover how modern and robust solutions configurable to your testing requirements can help you increase productivity and meet quality control standards with greater precision.

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