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Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Case Study

Customer profile

Serves the State of Colorado ~5.8M in population

Ran up to 4M test per year during the pandemic

~1750 employees


The challenge

The need to replace an outdated LIMS with a modern, scalable LIMS solution.

The outcomes

A Cloud-hosted LIMS solution capable of handling extreme challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge

  • CDPHE needed to replace an existing, outdated LIMS with a system that better met its needs for instrument integration, a customer-facing web portal, and enabled better and more automated reporting. 
  • Years later, a second challenge arose due to the increased demand for the lab because of the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring more scalable infrastructure.

The Solution

  • The solution was to adopt a new LIMS, the Clinisys Laboratory Product, to increase efficiency through better automation. 
  • Subsequently, during the pandemic, moving to the Cloud enabled CDPHE to meet the increased in demands.


  • The primary outcome of adopting the new LIMS, the Clinisys Laboratory Solution, was increased efficiency. CDPHE became able to analyze and report more samples with greater efficiency while enabling better, automated quality control. 
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, many IT departments across the world were simultaneously overwhelmed and understaffed. CDPHE shifted to a Cloud-hosted solution so analysts could focus on chemistries and biological assays rather than maintaining the LIMS infrastructure. Prior to COVID, CDPHE was analyzing approximately 50,000 samples per year. During the peak of the pandemic, CDPHE analyzed more than 4 million samples per year. The ability to scale became key and the ability to generate accurate electronic reports quickly was critical. 
  • CDPHE currently utilizes the Clinisys Platform™ to analyze greater than 1 million samples per year across eight departments including serology, multiple microbiology departments, organics and inorganics, emergency response, and cannabis, with approximately 120 users on the CLP. Now CDPHE has the capability to take on additional testing as required without straining the laboratory’s capabilities, such as a study about lead in school drinking water with more than 250,000 test points.