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Clinisys Clinical Laboratory

Market Leading Laboratory Information System

Our high-performance laboratory information solution is relied upon by healthcare professionals to test, diagnose and treat millions of patients every day, helping to save or improve quality of life. Our fully scalable and interoperable system is intuitive to use, minimizes manual tasks and allows your team to get more done in less time.

Improve your productivity

Our Laboratory Information Solution is proven to optimize and manage complex clinical laboratory workflows, deliver accurate and reliable results and support improved patient outcomes. It automates and streamlines processes to increase productivity. 

Multidisciplinary solution

Comprehensively supports all key pathology disciplines including: 
· Blood Sciences 
· Blood Transfusion 
· Microbiology 
· Anatomic Pathology 
· Newborn Screening 
· Molecular

Certified to deliver value

Automate and drive workflows inside and beyond your laboratories with streamlined processed that are ONC certified.

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Revolutionize your workflow

Our scalable end-to-end solution enables single, multi-site and pathology networks to work smarter and achieve more by:
· Streamlining pathology processes so samples can be analyzed more efficiently
· Optimising pre-analytical processes with auto-registration
· Reviewing real-time data to monitor workflow and identify bottlenecks
· Seamless integration

Advanced business intelligence and reporting

Advanced analytics deliver insight to meet increasing demand for improved business intelligence and knowledge management. Allows you to access your data and produce accurate and timely information to enhance your pathology services via dashboards displaying real-time definable statistics.

Resilient and responsive 

Our laboratory information solution is used by our customers to report on billions of lab results, across all disciplines. Our solution, hardware platform and infrastructure are designed to ensure a highly resilient responsive, and always accessible system. One that’s cloud-ready and future-proof to evolve with the needs of modern laboratories.

End-to-end interoperability 

Interoperability is core to every Clinisys system. Our LIMS employs industry standard HL7 messaging for all external systems and interfaces seamlessly with incumbent hospital information systems, including local care record services.

Laboratory automation and instrument communication

Our centralized and resilient analyzer interfacing solution provides connectivity between all analytical platforms within and outside the laboratory environment and your laboratory information system.  

Point of Care Testing device integration via a universal single-centralised platform is also available.

Proven solutions for Pathology Networks

Our unique working relationship with our customers has enabled NHS Trusts to develop and implement pathology networks, and supported broader hospital, supplier and pathologist networks. Our experience ensures your investment is realized and patient services improved. 

Our unparalleled experience in enabling and driving IT process change delivers measurable improvements in pathology network performance.

Laboratory solutions

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