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8 November 2022

The future of Clinisys: comprehensive laboratory solutions

Clinisys’ recent merger with Sunquest Information Systems and the subsequent acquisition of HORIZON Lab Systems, and ApolloLIMS has created the world’s largest laboratory informatics provider. Together now as Clinisys, we have over 3,000 customers in 34 countries, and our lab management system solutions power laboratories across the world that span healthcare, life sciences, environmental sciences, and public health.

Our platform

The Clinisys vision for the future is to enable healthier communities. With customers representing the full spectrum of laboratory disciplines, we are perfectly positioned to help companies, organizations, and agencies connect the critical laboratory data needed to improve health outcomes in communities of all sizes.

The Clinisys Platform™ is built with three critical components:

  1. Infrastructure: A scalable model that allows labs to innovate and benefit from AI
  2. Processes: Compliance and process steps necessary to capture the power of your lab data
  3. Applications: Highly configurable workflow and fully integrated applications 

The platform will encompass laboratory solutions for crop sciences, environmental, toxicology, health, contract research, and more.

When you partner with Clinisys, you will have access to a modern cloud architecture and data model to generate powerful insights that inform your lab’s capabilities to use data to build better communities, today and in the future.

A united offering

The Clinisys Platform is a result of the combination of the robust capabilities of the Clinisys, MIPS, ApolloLIMS, HORIZON, and Sunquest product suites. Through this united offering, we will be at the forefront for laboratories that are new to our solutions, and we will evolve with our current customers who rely on our products every day.

As an existing customer of ApolloLIMS, HORIZON, or Sunquest, you can expect from Clinisys the same high-quality service and expertise that you received in the past but delivered with greater speed and capacity for innovation.

Together as Clinisys, you will see us promote the Clinisys Platform, and invite laboratories across the full spectrum of disciplines to use its robust, affordable, data-centric software built to configure and integrate with every kind of lab. Clinisys customers will be specialists in:

  • ​​Agricultural Testing 
  • Healthcare
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Environmental & Water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Public Health
  • Pharma
  • Toxicology

Clinisys and healthy communities

Clinisys brings together diagnostic informatics representing the many determinants of human health to help create healthier communities across multiple sectors. 

Our solutions support our vision for the future in four key areas:

Improving Healthcare

Data tools that help inform decision-making so labs can improve preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic health services

Advancing Life Sciences

Insights that drive deeper research and advance understanding and applications dedicated to improving human life

Protecting Public Health

Digital innovation that drives ‘always-on’ disease and outbreak surveillance to enable investigation and management at scale.

Achieving Sustainability

Monitoring capabilities for water, air, and soil quality to allow communities to track and measure the impact of man-made change on our natural and built environments.

What’s next for us?

Clinisys is proud to offer a robust and comprehensive suite of laboratory solutions across the healthcare space, and we will continue to provide cutting-edge product offerings as we move forward.

Visit our Case Studies page to learn more about some of the work our teams have accomplished and stay up to date with the latest News