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15 December 2022

3 benefits of moving your LIS or LIMS to the cloud

As a laboratory, you must manage a series of complex workflows and processes to ensure accurate collection, testing, and reporting. Your laboratory information system – whether a LIS or LIMS – makes all this possible but needs the right infrastructure in place.

Many labs still employ on-premise technology solutions, whereby data systems are hosted on servers in house. This comes with inherent challenges, including physical storage capacity limits, high capital expenditures, and burdensome technology administration and maintenance costs. 

That’s why the industry standard has shifted toward cloud-hosted technologies. The global LIMS market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2022 to 2031, and the cloud-based segment dominates with more than 65% share in terms of revenue in 2021. As even more laboratories implement and upgrade LIS or LIMS technology, they will turn to the cloud.

Why make the move to the cloud?

Cloud-based lab operations can provide more cost-effective, leaner internal infrastructures while making it faster and easier to open exciting new avenues for discovery by sharing data for AI-powered analysis or contributing to cutting-edge scientific research.

While the Clinisys Laboratory Solutions can support your on-premise lab operations, the optimal solution uses our cloud infrastructure. Let’s dive into some of the unique benefits of moving to web-based laboratory operations hosted in the cloud.

Benefit #1: automatic data backup and up-to-date security protocols

Most laboratories process on site large amounts of confidential data, including protected health information (PHI) at clinical laboratories, necessitating substantial storage capacity, plus redundancy for data backup and disaster recovery.

Cloud backups, on the other hand, automatically store your data on redundant servers to give you a reliable backup.

Cybersecurity has taken center stage as organizations across all industries have fallen prey to hackers and ransom attacks. Cyberattacks on healthcare institutions have been linked to adverse patient health outcomes, and attacks to academic and research institutions are costly and disruptive. Protecting sensitive data from unscrupulous hackers who want to steal, modify, or erase your valuable data is essential.

The Clinisys cloud architecture offers advanced privacy measures, comprehensive data storage and redundancy, and secure data integrations. Our infrastructure supports industry data governance standards and regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR, to ensure your lab operations are in compliance.

Benefit #2: flexibility of access and scale

On-premise LISs or LIMSs may work at speeds limited by fixed capacity and may be accessible only from workstations within the lab’s local network. These flexibility restrictions can prevent your lab from scaling your operations or innovating quickly.

With a cloud-based LIS or LIMS, you can adjust your capabilities as demand levels change over time. In the cloud, you can quickly commission new computing resources to add storage or server environments, and you can decommission them just as quickly. The cloud offers your lab business greater IT agility and therefore potential savings from pay-as-you-go IT costs.

Additionally, your users can connect to a web-based LIS or LIMS via an Internet browser, giving them flexibility to be productive from off-site locations.

According to Robert Lee of ACD/Labs, “Transferring one data set is burdensome, and transferring 10 to 100 runs per day is quite a bit.” By migrating to a web-based laboratory information management system in the cloud, you can eliminate separate transfers, store larger quantities of structured and unstructured data, and give users more control over where, when, and how they work.

With Clinisys, you benefit from a highly configurable cloud architecture and applications that adapt to your lab’s specific requirements and workflows. Your team gains not only from more flexible computing resources in the cloud, but also from a configurable LIS or LIMS that fits your needs, one that enhances the user experience and eliminates time-consuming workarounds.

Benefit #3: lower IT costs

The introduction of cloud computing has highlighted the restrictions, inefficiencies, and capital-intensive nature of on-premise computing. With a cloud-hosted LIS or LIMS environment, your internal IT department can reduce spending on hardware and eliminate costly time spent on system administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, storage configuration, data backups, and cybersecurity measures for the laboratory information system. With this approach, you can expect a lower total cost of ownership for your LIS or LIMS.

No matter the size of your organization or scope of your testing services, Clinisys Laboratory Solutions deliver new capability, configurability, and flexibility to your users, while freeing up your in-house IT resources to focus on other priorities. All of this adds up to faster return on investment and more profitable operations.

Ready to move your lab ops to the cloud?

Want to take the first steps toward adopting a cloud-based LIS or LIMS? The Clinisys team is here to help. Let’s start the conversation.

Not quite ready? Visit our Case Studies page to learn more about some of the game-changing results the Clinisys team has helped labs around the world achieve.