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End-to-End-Lösungen für den gesamten Diagnoseprozess

Revolutionising pathology workflows

Clinisys WinPath is the leading laboratory information management system relied upon by most healthcare organizations across the UK and Ireland. It supports highly efficient patient care and enables efficient lab workflows.

Supporting the whole specimen journey

Clinisys WinPath is essential to providing 24/7 pathology services and enabling pathology networks to handle over 600 million tests per year.  

Almost two-thirds (61%) of NHS Trusts currently trust Clinisys with providing a scalable end-to-end solution that allows for the successful implementation of best practice workflows that help maximize efficiency whilst also complying with all relevant statutory requirements.

Advancing pathology processes to support streamlined and integrated workflows

Clinisys WinPath enables single, multi-site and pathology networks help your teams to work smarter and more efficiently in a more seamless and secure environment.
Scientist Working in The Laboratory
Scientist Working in The Laboratory

A single, fully interoperable solution

WinPath supports multiple connections to Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Hospital Information Support Systems (HISS), Order Communication Systems (Order entry and result consultation software), Results Reporting Systems (RRS) and incumbent customer integration engines seamlessly using healthcare industry standard messaging. Central management and integration with all mainstream analyzers and hospital POCT devices, regardless of manufacturer, is also assured.

End to end solution

Eliminate the risk of lost samples and ensure your laboratories are equipped with advance notifications of workload so you can improve resource management, identify workflow bottlenecks and streamline processes.

With laboratory automation and instrument communication, you gain the ability to route data to one or more outbound connections, whilst our analyzer data management capabilities are essential for emerging hub and spoke labs in line with network consolidation.

Quality assurance

Clinisys WinPath complies with all new and developing local and national regulatory standards and we proactively keep abreast of required developments to maintain compliance.

From supporting quality management, documentation and workflow control, to strengthening compliance capabilities with security, audit and traceability standards along with the implementation of best practice and SOPs.

Additionally, meeting industry standards and regulations such as IS015189 and UKAS accreditations is more straightforward with WinPath’s built in compliance capabilities.

Two scientists standing in the laboratory and discussing data from experiment together
Two scientists standing in the laboratory and discussing data from experiment together

Real-time performance management

WinPath enables proactive monitoring and alerting of potential issues, while graphical displays optimize productivity through highly visible workflow monitoring.

Gain a real-time view of key business metrics to evaluate performance in line with your specific service level agreements and turnaround times. This is critical to advancing your ability to interpret the representation of required information, reducing the effort required by your team and unnecessary resource overheads.

Multidisciplinary design

WinPath supports paperless operation with request entry, result entry, specimen tracking, monitoring of outstanding work, clinical authorization and reporting for all disciplines. Key features include
an integral rules base, comprehensive audit trail and user defined screens throughout. The multidisciplinary design of WinPath ensures that results from all departments are available for review by each discipline.

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