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Expertise in food & beverage

Ensuring the safety and quality of food

Clinisys supports laboratories which ensure safe and high-quality food products for consumers. Our proven solutions serve labs that test and analyze food materials, identify contaminants, ensure ingredient stability, check cross-contamination, and investigate packaging materials and production processes.

Quality, taste and safety

The focus upon the quality of the food and drinks we consume is increasing. Consumer tastes are changing and there is demand for new food products. Policymakers are closely examining raw ingredients, production techniques, labelling, and safety. Our solutions, services, and expertise, can help food testing labs respond to these challenges.

Satisfying safety regulations

Food safety is paramount. Health concerns around allergens and pollutants are growing. Safety standards rise year on year. Lab managers must ensure workflow and processes meet their audit and compliance responsibilities.

Analytical testing strategies

To quantify ingredients, verify label claims, understand ingredient stability, or assess the impact of production conditions and packaging materials, labs need to develop and apply complex test protocols. Flexible workflow is essential to ensure these test protocols are both efficient and safe.

New product development

Innovation in the food industry is constant. Consumer tastes and preferences change and the appetite for new, healthier options increases. Testing new food products and evolving existing offerings must be conducted within organized protocols and workflow for the evaluation of ingredients, identification of changes to flavor and stability, and subsequent verification and audit.

Laboratory solutions

Helping ensure safe, high quality food products

For many years Clinisys solutions have supported laboratories that undertake tests for materials analysis and identification, contaminants, ingredient cross contamination, colors, flavors, odors, extractables, leachables, and package testing. These tests are conducted upon foods including fruit, vegetables, meat, oils, dairy, nuts, grains, proteins, sugars, and vitamins.

Ensuring compliance

Using proven solutions and benefiting from deep industry experience, Clinisys is able to help laboratories in the food and beverage sector ensure their tests satisfy the needs of both regulators and food wholesalers. We enable data capture on the end-to-end test process for audit and reporting purposes.

Intelligent automation

We apply automatic data capture throughout the testing process to increase your efficiency, reduce human error, and accelerate reporting. Our proven workflows increase laboratory efficiency by automating processes from sample login and instrument data capture, through to final reporting. For commercial laboratories automation and integration extends into client reporting and billing.

Farmer moving seedling hydroponics pots into plant nursery tray
Farmer moving seedling hydroponics pots into plant nursery tray

Growth and productivity

All laboratories need the flexibility to respond to new demands and changes in the marketplace. Clinisys solutions offer you the platform for long-term growth. We provide the flexibility to adapt your processes and workflow. Our solutions scale seamlessly as your business grows, can support single and multi-site locations, and also empower your team to work productively on-site and from home.

Answering your frequently asked questions

Clinisys supports over 3,000 customers in testing and research worldwide across all sectors, handling almost every type of lab organisation. This covers both in-house and outsourced contract services labs. Also, we support labs engaged in research and development, as well as the quality and production control processes.  

Customers range from small, independent labs, to large multi-site businesses, and include both private and public sector organizations.

Laboratories operating within the food and beverage industry must comply with a range of regulations, including ISO/IEC 17025, FSMA, GMP, HACCP, and 21 CFR Part 11. Clinisys helps its lab customers to achieve compliance requirements to these and many other national and international standards. Get in touch to learn more.

Clinisys solutions are designed to be highly configurable. We have proven workflow available to accelerate your deployment. We also enable the rapid creation of unique workflow to support your lab’s own processes and methodologies, or to serve your own particular client’s contractual requirement.