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Clinisys | Enabling healthier communities

Clinisys is now global

Clinisys is now the number one provider of laboratory information systems worldwide, building on over 40 years’ experience in providing LIMS and order and results management solutions for NHS organizations across the UK and Ireland.

In 2022 Clini‎sys acquired US-based HORIZON Lab Systems and ApolloLIMS and merged with Sunquest, a primary US-based healthcare technology provider, establishing Clinisys as one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to diagnostics and laboratory informatics.

Clinisys brings together laboratory information system expertise across the globe to offer flexible laboratory solutions across healthcare, environment, toxicology and public health, pharma, and biotech.

Clinisys Laboratory Solutions combine the expertise, features and industry sector requirements of the company’s most established laboratory products with advanced, cloud-enabled solutions built on the

Clinisys Platform. Clinisys offers tailored, scalable laboratory solutions to meet the growing demands of testing, monitoring and reporting worldwide.


Clinisys WinPath-is the leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) relied upon by most healthcare organizations across the UK and Ireland to support highly efficient patient care and enable effective lab workflows.

WinPath is particuarly suited to the complex requirements of pathology networks, and can be configured to support multi-site and multi-trust arrangements.

ICE Order Communications and Results reporting

Clinisys ICE is a web-based requesting system relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals across primary, secondary and community care in the UK and Ireland.

The full capabilities of Clinisys ICE are available through Clinisys Order Communications and Results Management, which supports pathology-based test ordering, as well as a wide range of diagnostic specialisms including radiology, cardiology, endoscopy and a variety of other auxiliary services.

ICE OpenNet

Clinisys Order Communications & Results incorporates ICE OpenNet, which allows you to see requests and reports from connected ICE systems in use at other NHS Trusts. Other ICE configuration include. .

· Diagnostic Hub: Sharing results from across the region to give clinicians a holistic view to support patient care.

· ICE Gateway: For a service, e.g. Community Health or Mental Health, sitting outside of an individual Trust that uses several Trust ICE systems. Supports ordering where the system can be dependent on location or service being offered.

· Central Networked ICE: Allows all users in a region to request and see results.

Shaping your laboratory

The ClinisysPlatform solves the challenges of the sector and enables your lab to adapt to innovations in research, science and technology.

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