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End-to-End-Lösungen für den gesamten Diagnoseprozess

Unify your care provision to optimize diagnostic ordering and result reporting

Clinisys ICE is the UK market leading order communications solution and strengthens the delivery of end-to-end solutions in the diagnostic IT environment.
Bridging the technology divide by providing an electronic request channel that you can order diagnostic procedures and tests upon, Clinisys ICE processes more than 40 million patients and 93 million requests each year.
Installed in over 120 NHS Trusts, Clinisys ICE covers primary, secondary and community care for multiple diagnostic specialties – Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology, and Endoscopy.

Powering effective analysis and reporting

Clinisys ICE has three distinct service capabilities to support your diagnostic and reporting provisions. These include:
ICE OpenNet: Allows separate ICE systems to communicate using internal web services, allowing users to view their patients’ results, located on other ICE systems, alongside their own.
ICE Diagnostic Hub: Shares results from across the region to give clinicians a holistic view to support patient care.
ICE Gateway: For a service, e.g. Community Health or Mental Health sitting outside of an individual Trust, that uses several Trust ICE systems to support the ordering for patients.

Trusted integration

Clinisys ICE integrates with all the key clinical systems around laboratory, radiology, mental health, EPR, primary care and sexual health.
This gives your teams the ability to rely on best of breed systems configurable to  individual disciplines, while simultaneously taking full advantage of a single, coordinated test and reporting system across your health system or Trust.
The ICE product suite also provides additional functionality which helps to reduce sample errors, prevent duplicate requests and enable faster patient discharges. All of which help contribute to improved patient outcomes.
Doctor, researcher or scientist browsing the internet on a tablet for information while working at a lab, science facility or hospital
Doctor, researcher or scientist browsing the internet on a tablet for information while working at a lab, science facility or hospital

Increased data visibility

Gain a comprehensive picture of patient results with history graphs and images that help to identify new, urgent or abnormal results faster.

Ensure your laboratory has access to essential data and advanced notice of incoming tests to address unexpected peaks in workload.

Clinical lab technician analyzing test sample
Clinical lab technician analyzing test sample

Responsive design

Our modern, intuitive user interface makes it easier and faster to access all the relevant information your teams need on a wide range of devices.

Whether your teams are working from a desktop or laptop in the lab, or a mobile device beyond the lab they are reliable and seamless.

Advanced sample collection

Clinisys ICE incorporates a comprehensive sample management solution enabling clinical users and phlebotomy staff to utilize handheld devices at the patient’s bedside for sample collection, and wristband and sample printing. 

Enhanced network connectivity

A patient may have test results in multiple Trust systems that are not visible in one place, resulting in GPs and other healthcare professionals being unaware of recent test requests and associated results.

ICE can be used to cross organizational boundaries such as pathology networks, ICS and cancer networks to ensure a central and complete patient history of test results, regardless of where they were requested, which essential for clinical and diagnostic purposes.

Supporting effective clinical decisions

Benefitting from full integration to MedCurrent iRefer CDS and incorporating over 300 Royal College of Radiologists approved guidelines, clinicians have real-time, evidence-based guidelines at the point of care, helping to reduce inappropriate imaging and improving outcomes.

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