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18 March 2021

New look, same values, renewed commitment to innovation

Michael Simpson


Clinisys President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael brings more than 30 years of global leadership experience. Prior to joining Clinisys, he served as chief executive officer of Caradigm, a population health company. He has also held executive leadership positions at McKesson, GE Healthcare, Quadramed and Novell. Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

Clinisys Group has created a single brand for the UK and Europe, with a new website, color palette and logo. What does it all mean for us, our customers and business partners? Michael Simpson, Group Chief Executive Officer explains.

Hello and welcome to the new Clinisys website!

A single name brand for Clinisys UK and MIPS Europe

The Clinisys Group of companies, Clinisys and MIPS provide leading diagnostic informatics solutions to laboratories worldwide. Our combined cross-discipline expertise, spanning more than 40 years, provides our customers with solutions to support laboratory workflow across clinical, histology, molecular, genetics, including order management, reporting and results delivery; as well as solutions to support public health disease surveillance and outbreak management.

As an organization we live by a common set of values with one of those values is teamwork – where we believe that each of us has great potential and coming together gives us the unique opportunity to surpass our own potential. This last year has really brought this to the forefront where by working together with our customers we have connected thousands of new analyzers and brought both pathology network-wide and country wide solutions together in record time to help fight the pandemic.

Together, in France we delivered a solution for the national SIDEP project to consolidate all COVID-19 tests in France into a unified platform (CyberLab) to improve government response.
In the Netherlands, we connected laboratories to the national CoronIT platform. In Belgium, we helped to create a federal platform for the federal Covid-19 testing laboratories. And in the UK, we supported four of the Nightingale Hospitals that were set up almost overnight to provide additional capacity for Covid-19 patients.

We now feel it is important to reflect this increasingly unified approach to global problems as a unified identity. So, from today, we will be known as Clinisys and Clinisys | MIPS on the continent.

New look, same core values

Yes, we have a new look and yes, we have updated our colors to represent our bright future and our renewed focus working together on bringing state of the art solutions and technologies to our customers. 

But our commitment to our customers remains our focus.  We care for our customers courageously, completely and with all our hearts and minds. There will be no changes to our existing contracts, maintenance plans or business agreements. There will be no change to our published product roadmaps or release plans. No change in our desire to support you and keep our promises to you. And, most importantly, there will be no change to the way in which you interact with our implementation, product management, support, development teams and local management teams. What will change is that together we will bring additional strength and brighten our relationship with our customers and business partners.

Make yourself at home

Once again, welcome to our new website. Have a look around and see what you think of our new look, our solutions and the case studies that we have produced about the work that we are doing with our customers. Read a few more blog posts on our thinking about where pathology and diagnostic laboratory IT are going. The Clinisys Group has grown to be the largest diagnostic laboratory IT vendor in Europe by following our core values: Customer, Promises, Simplicity, and Teamwork – a commitment to providing customers with the best possible products, services and support. Today, we have a new look, but our values remain steadfast. We look forward to continuing to serve you, and to working with you on the innovative solutions that we will all need in the future.