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21 September 2023

Day in the life -Shree Raksha Hiriyanna


Shree Raksha Hiriyanna started her journey with Clinisys as an intern, today she is a seasoned software professional working as a Quality Engineer in the Clinisys India team. Her initial role was within the Automation team but over the last seven years she has grown as a seasoned software professional acquiring multiple skillsets and immense exposure in both product as well as technology side of the business. In her current role Shree Raksha is now managing two critical products – Gestlab and iGestlab catering to the healthcare industry.

We had a brief chat with Shree Raksha to understand what she finds inspiring about her work and how she successfully balances work and life.

What do you like the most about your current role at Clinisys?

I feel inspired by the work we do here and the impact it has on the wellbeing of the people and society.  I started working in the organization as a young techie and back then I hardly had much idea about the healthcare technology industry. Over the last 7 years I have grown immensely gaining a deeper understanding about how technology can impact in providing better healthcare for communities. Today as a Quality Engineer am managing 2 laboratory diagnostic products for the healthcare industry. Honestly, I can now see the bigger picture of what we do every day. It made me realise that how our products play a critical role in saving a patient’s life. This makes us realise that there is absolutely no room for error in our work.

What was your journey like with Clinisys?

Initially I was a part of the Automation team, where I worked with the automation tools and did scripting in Test Complete. Gradually I have acquired knowledge in programming and worked on C Sharp. In the Automation team, my focus was to manage the workflow and interact with other product teams to deliver the script. Later, as I started working with Gestlab team I was able to understand the whole lifecycle of a product, for example how the requirement is gathered then Designing and Development followed by Testing. So now I can say over the last seven years I have gained more knowledge on both product and technology.

Do you have a unique experience that stands out in your journey with Clinisys?

Honestly, when I joined as an Intern I didn’t have much idea about healthcare industry or products but I can say that over time I have learned a lot about these areas. I had the opportunity to work on multiple products and latest technology. My professional growth has been very enriching and constant in the organisation.

Another experience which I must mention is I have recently visited the Clinisys Spain office. This provided me with the opportunity to visit multiple laboratories where our products Gestlab and iGestlab are used. It was an eye opener for me as I was able to understand how our products are used in real time and how we are contributing to healthcare. I also had a good experience meeting our co-workers in Clinisys Spain office.

What do you like the most about Clinisys Culture?

One thing that I value the most about Clinisys culture is that everyone in the team is approachable. Ever since I joined the organisation, I have always seen every one’s opinion is valued. A good idea is always considered irrespective of the designation of the employee, this is a great mental boost for employees.

Also, there is work life balance which has helped me personally. Otherwise, I would not have been able to continue my career steadily while managing my family. This was a great support and essential for women in order to continue working without a break in the career.

A little more about Shree Raksha Hiriyanna

Shree Raksha is based out of Bengaluru in Karnataka. In her leisure time she likes to read books or watch movies. Otherwise, we‘ll find her mostly running around her little son 😊 and enjoying activities together.