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History of Clinisys

Clinisys was established over forty years ago to help laboratory managers, research scientists and technicians succeed through the provision of transformational technologies.

Deep industry expertise

Clinisys supports the many diverse laboratories across all sectors that undertake testing, diagnosis and reporting to help improve health outcomes, increase quality of life and protect public safety.

Our family of laboratory solutions cover labs operating across healthcare, pharma, biotechnology, toxicology, water quality, crop sciences, food & beverage, and the environment.

How we deliver value


years experience in lab solutions


of clinical laboratories worldwide use our information systems


expert lab technology professionals

Our story

Young female scientist looking through microscope
Young female scientist looking through microscope

Over forty years of laboratory expertise

Clinisys was founded in 1988 by William Woodard and a group of pathology specialists passionate about providing better software for pathology services. William and his team then invested decades building the expertise that today makes the labs of over 3,000 customers around the world run efficiently and productively.

1990s: Breakthrough innovation

Building on our strong private sector pathology expertise, we delivered our first specialist laboratory information system (LIS) to the UK’s National Health Service in 1992.

Scientist selecting bottle of solution in lab
Scientist selecting bottle of solution in lab

2000s: sustained growth

With a substantial customer base in both the public and private sector, the business acquired Torex Laboratory Systems and MIPS in 2005 to create Europe’s largest LIS supplier. In 2011, we launched our Logistics Management Solution extending our ability to offer end-to-end sample traceability.

The industry leaders driving our business forward

Our executive leadership team features senior industry experts with decades of experience delivering laboratory solutions across the world.

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Building partnerships

In the years that followed we established partnerships with Siemens to deliver Point of Care Testing and through further strategic acquisitions extended our presence across Europe, attracting the attention of Roper Technologies which acquired the Clinisys business in 2016. Further growth in Europe saw us acquire MCS in 2015, Fresco in 2016 and Cointec in 2019.
Shot of two young scientists conducting medical research in a laboratory stock photo
Shot of two young scientists conducting medical research in a laboratory stock photo

2020s: adapting to global challenge

Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Clinisys developed innovative solutions to increase test capacity at a nationwide level across key countries in Europe to help tackle the evolving situation. Alongside this, we continued innovating to extend our capabilities in providing solutions supporting areas such as tissue typing and newborn screening. 

Start of a new era

In 2022, Clini‎sys made two further acquisitions, HORIZON Lab Systems and ApolloLIMS, which saw us extend into new markets and territories. At the same time, we announced our merger with, Sunquest a major US-based healthcare technology provider. 

These rapid steps created one of the world’s largest organizations dedicated to diagnostics and laboratory informatics.

Clinisys today

Today, Clinisys is still focused on enabling better health outcomes through innovation in diagnostics and laboratory informatics technology.  

The latest chapter in our story is the evolution of the Clinisys Platform™ and our family of Clinisys Laboratory Solutions™. This approach helps your organizations move beyond the physical laboratory across nine specialist industries including, environment, food & beverage, life sciences, pharma, water, crop sciences and contract services.   

These innovations capture the benefits of cloud technology, alongside our proven best of breed solution family. They prepare our customers to realize the potential of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

Our values

As a people-first business, we are committed to fostering and supporting collaboration to enable healthier and safer communities around the world.