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Expertise in lab operations, technology, and data

Best of breed, built from experience

For more than forty years, Clinisys has served laboratories operating in a range of industries and disciplines. We have helped them to apply a variety of different scientific specializations to solve their testing, research, and diagnostic challenges.

Over 3,000 customers, across eight industries and 22 science disciplines, in 34 countries, trust Clinisys to deliver innovative and effective laboratory information management solutions.

A trusted partner

Our expertise has enabled customers to solve the difficulties of conducting highly complex scientific research, and help them meet the challenge of testing at scale within national population testing programs.

Making an impact

This long-standing experience means we understand:

  • The variety of operational environments, tools, and instruments required for different industries and disciplines
  • The day-to-day needs of research scientists and lab technicians to make them productive and keep them safe and motivated
  • The pressures on lab managers to run efficient operations, complete successful research initiatives, and deliver tests and diagnostics quickly and safely

A better choice

This expertise is invested in building the features and functionality of our family of Clinisys Laboratory Solutions and underpins the architecture of the Clinisys Platform™.

Local knowledge, global presence

With some 1,450 highly skilled professionals located in 12 countries around the world, our expertise extends to understanding the structure of the local marketplaces our customers operate in.

We know the different market dynamics, regulatory environments, and financial models. Our solutions are designed to help satisfy the national and international compliance and regulatory requirements that apply to each industry or discipline in each country.

Industry expertise

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