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1 June 2018

Barnsley and Rotherham Integrated Laboratory Services Goes Live with WinPath Enterprise

The Integrated Laboratory Services for Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust are now live with their new Laboratory Information Management system (LIMS), CliniSys’ WinPath Enterprise solution.

Barnsley and Rotherham Integrated Laboratory Services (BRILS) provides an integrated Pathology service covering all disciplines. Having a modern, robust and safe LIMS was seen as a vital component to achieve their operational requirements and a single deployment of WinPath Enterprise went live on Monday 5th February 2018.

BRILS has been a CliniSys customer since 2009 and previously used the WinPath version 5 LIMS. This meant that CliniSys had a good working relationship with the experienced lab staff, which led to a successful deployment of the new system and a calm and straightforward go live.  Annette Davis-Green, Business and Service Manager at BRILS comments “The CliniSys deployment team were highly experienced and very helpful. Go live week saw significant numbers of CliniSys staff on site, enabling any issues at go live to be quickly resolved.”

CliniSys recognises the importance and complexity of external systems integration and therefore, a key part of the WinPath Enterprise project was the implementation of the CliniSys Integration manager. This new approach considerably simplified the delivery of the necessary interoperability to Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and the many other third party systems servicing the two Trusts. The simplified interface configuration management reduced implementation effort and minimised the amount of customer user acceptance testing required.  The BRILS Pathology IT team are already benefiting from the real-time interface monitoring, full message audit and analysis integral in WinPath Enterprise.

Annette Davis-Green continues “Integration to our ICE order communication and result reporting solution was vital and downtime had to be kept to a minimum. Now that CliniSys also supports and develops the ICE product meant that the ICE integration element went extremely smoothly with analysts from both WinPath and ICE sides being readily available to ensure a seamless management of the project.”

WinPath Enterprise offers the Trusts substantial benefits above the functionality of the incumbent WinPath v5 system especially around the integral “patient layer” which is already proving invaluable in its support for multiple patient identifiers in a single patient record. This supports the creation of a unified and more consistent patient history essential for better patient care and reduction for duplicate testing.

The CliniSys POCT solution was also deployed for integration with the trusts’ blood gas and glucose devices and will assist in future attainment of ISO 22870.

Annette Davis-Green concludes, “WinPath Enterprise is an essential component to achieve our service aims and objectives. Having a fully integrated, modern and high quality LIMS is a huge advantage to our service”.

Robin Morris-Weston, CliniSys Chief Executive Officer commented “We were delighted that Barnsley and Rotherham Integrated Laboratory Services selected the WinPath Enterprise solution as their new LIMS and chose to remain as a CliniSys customer. We have built a great working relationship over the last ten years, which, I’m sure, went a long way in making the project such a success.  Having a dedicated, keen and focused customer project team is essential and we are incredibly grateful for all the BRILS team hard work.”

The second phase of the project is underway where additional elements are being deployed such as the Picsara image management solution, real-time dashboards monitoring key performance indicators, and interface to NPEX for sample referrals.