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12 April 2024

Day in the life – Mushtaq Ahamed


Mushtaq Ahamed is a seasoned Software Architect who has spent almost two decades with Clinisys. He has witnessed the organization grow from strength to strength becoming one of the leading names in the global laboratory informatics space. In his long career, he has also seen the healthcare tech industry go through a radical sift particularly in the last few years. He is proud to have led several prestigious projects that transformed the Clinical and Anatomic Pathology workflows for clinical laboratories worldwide.

Mushtaq’s day to day work requires him to collaborate with his teams spread across geographies and cultures. Together with his team, he ideates products, delivers cutting edge solutions that empower clinicians and medical staff with precision result and better decision making. He finds his motivation at work in problem solving, analysing, and developing a product that keeps communities healthier and safer around the world.

What attracted you to start a career with Clinisys?

I joined the organization way back in 2004 which was Misys at that time and alter it merged with Clinisys.  Initially, I started my career with a few start- up firms after completing master’s in computer applications (MCA) from Hyderabad. Soon after, I heard about an opening in health tech domain in Misys. At that time Misys had three functions which were healthcare, banking, and transaction management. Though at that time in India, there was very little awareness about a career in healthcare technology, but I knew that it could have a great potential in the future, so I applied for it. What inspired me was that my work would have a larger impact in the world and would help people get critical care diagnosis. Knowing this fact gives me a sense of purpose every day till date.

What do you enjoy the most about your current role?

My current role as a software architect involves problem solving and team management, collaboration on ideas and projects etc. A large part of my work requires me to fix problems immediately to help our customers. It keeps things exciting for me at work. At Clinisys, all the teams work together to help modern laboratories to move to the future. Our Solution Adoption team is responsible for installation of our products and Customer Experience team provides all the required support but when any critical, technical issue arises then my team gets involved to resolve them quickly and ensure a smooth working process. The other part of the role includes providing solutions for the features for planned releases of the product after estimating the effort and timelines. I believe success comes with good teamwork.

How have your grown in your career in Clinisys?

I have spent almost 19 years in the organization and in my long tenure, I have grown from being a Software Engineer to a Software Architect. It has been an exciting journey as my role and skillset have evolved with time. Earlier I used to contribute at an individual level as a developer and today I have grown to a profile where I provide design solutions and nurture a team to deliver the desired outcome. During my long stint here, I have switched products, worked with different technologies and teams.  I like the fact that every day I get the opportunity to work with new technologies and pick up new skills along the way. For example, I started with Visual Basic but later I got to work on technologies like C sharp, JavaScript, HTML, web development, web architecture .Net, Angular and so on. Learning and growth have been a major part of my career here.

Has there been any experience that stands out in your career?

There have been many such instances. One of the most exciting projects would be contributing for our molecular module. We started off with a very vague requirement and then interacted with the client to understand their need. From that point on we translated those requirements to high level design and completed the entire process of planning, development, testing and finally delivering the product to the client. It is always an exciting and satisfying journey to manage the whole product life cycle. Also, it motivates me that I get to bring the team together, nurture and lead them to deliver a successful project for the organization.

A little more about Mushtaq

Mushtaq is born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, India. From a very young age Mushtaq has travelled to various places with his parents and got the opportunity to experience different cultures. He is now based in Bangalore where he lives with his family. Mushtaq generally likes to spend his leisure time with family and likes to seek knowledge on spirituality.