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Clinisys Laboratory Outreach

Grow a profitable laboratory outreach business

Every hospital laboratory needs to be both productive and profitable. By leveraging our best-in-class laboratory outreach solution, hospitals can accelerate reimbursements while reducing write-offs, test leakage and improve test turnaround times. Whether an independent hospital or large healthcare group, our outreach solution will help you achieve these goals.

Enabling a successful hospital outreach program

Using proven technology, Clinisys Laboratory Outreach™ is the out-of-the-box answer specifically designed to provide clean electronic orders and sophisticated workflow administration across a complex network of labs using different Laboratory Information Systems (LISs).

Providing high-quality and rapid test results is only part of the challenge of building a successful outreach service. Clinisys Laboratory Outreach also helps you to solve the operational and commercial challenges that drive efficiency and improve profitability.

Proven workflows to compete in a dynamic market

Launching or maintaining a clinical laboratory outreach program can be daunting. Clinisys Laboratory Outreach offers you a proven solution designed to help your program prosper. Improve workflow and process efficiency, following best practices for successful outreach programs.
Doctor giving boy shot
Doctor giving boy shot

Build a loyal community of ordering physicians

Whether you engage with local physician practices, nursing homes, or other referring organizations, Clinisys Laboratory Outreach enables you to build loyalty and trust in your community. Our solution offers flexible workflow configurations and customised reports that allow your organisation to configure specific resulting preferences and report templates within your provider community.

Male scientist at workstation testing samples
Male scientist at workstation testing samples

Integration to internal and external systems

Integration is the key to a successful outreach program. Our extensive interface capabilities allow you to establish secure connections between your community practitioners, your laboratory, and health systems. Once established, these connections facilitate ‘clean’ and billable inbound order routing and electronic results delivery.

Automated data collection, billing,and payment lifecycle

Failure to collect essential billing data means revenues cannot be collected and time is wasted error-handling. Billing and demographic data validation through Clinisys Laboratory Outreach at the time of order acceptance speeds up payment processing from payors and reduces the risk of bad debts.

Handling the complexity and scale of large health groups

Using our extensive connectivity capabilities, Clinisys Laboratory Outreach can be used to link disparate systems within very large health networks. By making data consistent between separate laboratory information systems and ordering catalogues, Clinisys Laboratory Outreach makes order processing, results delivery, and reporting more seamless.

Similarly, Clinisys Multi-Lab NetworkingSM capability connects the labs in a large group network to better share testing capacity and integrate across disparate LISs. Data consolidation reduces day-to-day inefficiencies, while improving the presentation quality of the final lab reports delivered to your physicians and their patients.

Do more with less

The workflow and technology capabilities within Clinisys Laboratory Outreach assists laboratory directors in establishing an efficient outreach program. We help you achieve this by focusing on the quality of laboratory testing and the need to provide accurate and timely results to your community providers. This saves you from investing budget and wasting resources using your customer service team to chase missing CPT codes and demographics data.

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