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Clinisys Genomic Laboratory

Workflow solution tailored specifically for genomics labs

Covering the entire genomic spectrum including the latest methods such as next-generation sequencing.

Keeping pace with innovation

Genomics has seen more scientific and technological advancements in the last five years than any other healthcare sector. Clinisys is working in partnership with international clinical genomics laboratories to ensure our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our feature-rich solution includes diagnostics, data analysis and genetic testing, which supports all genomics and genetics disciplines, allowing you to edit and develop your own workflows to provide a truly bespoke solution. Clinisys Genomic Laboratory enhances your workflows, minimises manual tasks and supports patient care.

Support for comprehensive genomic workflows

All common genomic technologies are fully supported for the entire work process (PCR, RT-PCR, Sanger sequencing, NGS analysis, FISH, Karyotype, MicroArray, MLPA, etc.) and new technologies can readily be incorporated, including NGS software. 

Sequence variant management

Integrate with clinical interpretation tools; store variants with full HGMD nomenclature and ACMG classification. Includes hyperlinks to external variant database resources (ClinVar, dbSNP, HGMD).

Clinical genetics

Enables the genomics department to cover the entire process from a genetic consultation with the patient and their family to the requested tests (genetic or other) integrating the results and diagnostics in a single database. Provides comprehensive management of your consultations and your genetic records. 

Supporting the emerging Genomic Laboratory Hubs

Delivers the flexibility to run a single LIMS instance across multiple sites in a network supporting Genomic Laboratory Hubs and networked workflows. Standardisation, communication and sample routing challenges are all addressed, giving you an efficient, automated and interoperable system. 

Integrated Pedigree drawing app

A comprehensive Pedigree drawing tool for family management, displays the results and genetic history of the family or selected patient. This simple-to-use extension of the family tree shows multiple phenotypes and complex relationships.

Laboratory solutions

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