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End-to-End-Lösungen für den gesamten Diagnoseprozess

Automate and organise processes on your terms

Clinisys GLIMS is a high-performance laboratory information system (LIS) that allows you to organise and automate all processes exactly as you want them: from order entry and instrument control to results reporting, invoicing, and statistics.

Clinisys GLIMS enables your laboratory to work more efficiently, saving costs and resources, while offering an enhanced service for requesters and patients.

Supports all laboratories and laboratory disciplines

From private, hospital or specialist laboratories to university centres, Clinisys GLIMS can be used across a diverse range of laboratory disciplines. This includes:
· Haematology
· Clinical chemistry
· Serology
· Immunology
· Toxicology
· Microbiology
· Bacteriology
· Epidemiology
· Virology
· Blood transfusions
· Genetics
· Clinical studies

Streamline all your laboratory activities

Clinisys GLIMS is cloud-ready and future-proof, improving the efficiency of all your laboratory activities and evolving with your needs.

From automation of repetitive tasks to centralised control of all Total Lab Automation (TLA) instruments, robotic lines and installations, Clinisys GLIMS offers customisable workflows and user configurable screens to suit your requirements.

Female scientist leading project discussion with colleagues in laboratory
Female scientist leading project discussion with colleagues in laboratory

Workflows for the genetics spectrum

GLIMS Genetics forms an integral part of GLIMS and covers the entire genetic spectrum. A gene panel, variant results management, and pedigree management enable you to digitise your workflows. It works as a stand-alone system or interfaced with LIS from other disciplines.

Doctor, researcher or scientist browsing the internet on a tablet for information while working at a lab, science facility or hospital
Doctor, researcher or scientist browsing the internet on a tablet for information while working at a lab, science facility or hospital

Modern, task-oriented user interface

Designed around task-oriented workflows, the .NET-based GLIMS user interface offers a familiar and modern look and feel which minimises the number of clicks and enhances the user experience.

Continuous innovation to future-proof the laboratory

Our portfolio constantly evolves to suit the needs of the world’s most advanced laboratories. This ensures you can trust that your laboratory is future-proof as your challenges and requirements change. We achieve this through relentless innovation and technological leadership; the commitment, laboratory experience, and expertise of our employees; and feedback from users across Europe.

Real-time insight into your laboratory activities

Create interactive and dynamic management dashboards with Business Activity Monitor, visualising data from GLIMS in an instant. This means laboratory managers always have access to up-to-date steering information and laboratory professionals on the bench have real-time insight into the status of the work process.

Interoperability with laboratory instruments and other information systems

Clinisys GLIMS works perfectly with all the instruments in your laboratory, as well as with robotic lines and TLA systems. It supports all common international standards, such as IHE, enabling Clinisys GLIMS to exchange data with third-party software applications easily and efficiently.

IHE Logo - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise
IHE Logo - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise

Clinisys GLIMS complies with international IHE regulations for the healthcare sector

At annual IHE Connectathon events, systems are tested for interoperability with selected IHE profiles. At the 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2019 IHE Connectathons, Clinisys GLIMS successfully passed all tests.

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