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1 February 2023

Day in the life – Ayanangshu Mallik


Meet Ayanangshu Mallik, our Senior Quality Engineer, who finds inspiration in his everyday work as it ensures precise and accurate diagnostics for millions of patients worldwide.

Ayanangshu’s journey with Clinisys started a few years back as a Senior Quality Engineer and he later found his interest in being a Requirements Engineer. His career progression was accelerated by the support of his mentors and peers in the organisation. In a quick chat, Ayanangshu shared the growth story of his career and why believes his career at Clinisys has a bigger purpose.

What excites you most about your current role? 

My current role entails gathering of requirements and convert an overall product vision into measurable features, user stories and tasks. The most enjoyable part in this, is to keep alignment with the actual client needs, foresee the value that is going to get added to patients’ life directly or indirectly and finally get the application / product created to serve thousands of people across multiple geographies. 

What attracted you to your current role at Clinisys? 

I had been a senior quality engineer before and was always interested to know the business or customer requirements side of things. I wanted to know the source of the things which I had been testing over all these years. Hence I decided to take up the role of requirements engineering. 

As a professional what do you like the most about Clinisys culture? 

Openness from the higher management regarding all the details which could be business revenues, sales and marketing, future roadmap, and global strategies. Also, the frequent surveys which are conducted – that gives the employees the chance to share their views openly and honestly.