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16 November 2022

Day in the life – Aishwarya Raju


We caught up with one of our Associate Software Engineers, Product Development, Aishwarya Raju, to find out more about her work at Clinisys and what she most enjoys about her role.

Aishwarya joined Clinisys’ young and vibrant team of engineers early in 2022. She and her team are responsible for bringing out intelligent LIS laboratory software and lab solutions that enhance patient outcomes and keep our communities safer. As a software engineer Aishwarya’s day involves understanding client’s requirements, analyzing and solutioning them with products and services which can be implemented in live scenarios. A techie at heart, Aishwarya loves her family, friends and her long morning walks which help declutter her mind.

What do you enjoy most about your current role? 

I enjoy being challenged every day, whether it be a tiny issue, a bug fix or something huge like working on a new project. Creating a positive impact to the world through problem solving is the thing that I love the most about my current role. As a software developer seeing that the technologies I help develop making life easier brings an immense satisfaction to the work I do. 

What attracted you to your current role at Clinisys? 

The opportunity was really exciting for me, because I would get to work on the core products and get completely hands-on on the latest technologies. Moreover, my role here had a way of developing my career in the industry as well. I believe all the skills that I have acquired will help me succeed in my role here in Clinisys. 

How has your career developed or progressed with Clinisys?  

I always believe in the quote “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” by Albert Einstein. I’ve seen myself put into challenges that I have never come across and have dealt with it positively, this has been possible only because of the team support, collaboration and effective communication that we have here in Clinisys. I see myself growing everyday in terms of knowledge acquiring, problem solving and network building.  

As a professional what do you like the most about Clinisys culture? 

I like the professionalism that we have here, flexible working hours, collaborative teams, amazing intellectual people to work with. Also, the company is very attentive about employee’s work life balance which is the best part of Clinisys culture. 

Did you always have a clear idea about what you wanted to do – and has that changed over the years? 

It has never changed. As a software engineer, from the beginning of my career the goal was to impact the world in a positive way through problem solving and make people lives easier through my work and empowering women in tech has always been the goal and will always be my goal.