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24 May 2023

Day in the life – Yash Mukhi


Yash Mukhi, a Cloud Network Engineer, joined the Clinisys India team about a year ago and has been involved in some of the significant projects that are integral to Clinisys’ endeavour to build an agile and scalable clinical laboratory platform for the future. Coming from the beautiful town of Coimbatore in Southern part of India, Yash is a young technology professional who likes to work on new ideas and constantly upgrades himself to stay ahead of the curve. While Yash’s every day work revolves around the ever-changing cloud networking, he also likes exploring multiple other creative interests. Continue reading to find out what Yash’s day at Clinisys looks like.

What do you enjoy most about your current role? 

My role in Clinisys provides a perfect platform to explore more opportunities to learn and challenge my skills every day. This job makes me feel proud as a Cloud Engineer and inspires me to think how technology can make a difference for the betterment of our communities. I love being a part of this innovative and lively team. It is great to see a global team working in such harmony. 

What attracted you to your current role at Clinisys? 

Cloud Computing is the future of business and I always wanted to pursue a career in Cloud Network Engineering. Prior to joining Clinisys, I had worked as a network support engineer, but didn’t have the experience in Cloud. During my interview, the Clinisys team evaluated my capabilities and gave me an opportunity to work in their Cloud Architecture team. It was a breakthrough for my career, and I will always remember that Clinisys gave me the opportunity to start my career in Cloud Engineering. Every day my job makes it clear that I made the best choice by joining the organisation. 

How has your career developed or progressed within Clinisys? 

I wanted to learn and grow both in-terms of my technical and people management skills. After joining Clinisys, I have been able to enhance my technical skills and completed two major Cloud certifications, Microsoft AZ500 and Microsoft AZ700 which have helped me to add value as a Cloud Network Engineer. Clinisys has a strong focus on Learning & Development, and they offer multiple opportunities for their employees to upskill in various areas. I am very grateful that the organisation has helped me pursue my dream career in Cloud networking. This year I am looking forward to completing my AZ900 certification to further strengthen my skills.

Are there any experiences that stand out during your time at Clinisys?

The best part of the job is that Clinisys lets us take ownership of our work, which makes me harness my full potential for the job.  I have always craved for a healthy and challenging work environment, and I am content to be a part of the work culture that exists in Clinisys. My senior motivates and challenges me every day to seek simple solutions and to get out of my comfort zone. It’s been very inspiring in my career journey so far.

What do you like the most about the Clinisys culture? 

Clinisys embraces great thinking wherever it comes from, regardless of the title or the designation. The culture of empathy and encouragement is truly an asset for the organisation. I have experienced a supportive and inclusive culture. Also, the organisation supports a healthy work-life balance. Clinisys concentrates on making work life simpler. Everyone in the management team is very approachable and helpful and I have always received help when I have asked for it.  The organization gives a lot of freedom to the employees and encourages professionals to grow in their domain. 

Yash Mukhi

A little more about Yash Mukhi

Yash is a self – motivated individual and a hustler. Apart from Cloud Networking, Yash has many other creative interests that keeps him occupied. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves exploring new ideas. Yash also loves travelling and you will get to hear a lot of interesting travel stories when you meet him in person.