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25 February 2021

Day in the life – Bronwyn Prior


We caught up with one of our Product Domain Leads, Bronwyn Prior, to find out more about her work at CliniSys and what she most enjoys about her role.

Bronwyn is our Cellular Pathology Domain Lead for our LIMS – WinPath Enterprise.

Did you always have a clear idea about what you wanted to do – and has that changed over the years?  

Cellular Pathology was always my first choice as I enjoyed microscopy elements in biology at school and I was sold after my first lab tour as CellPath stood head and shoulders above the other disciplines. I’ve always had an interest in the early diagnosis of cancer and am always looking for ways to advance processes and improve patient care. 

Why leave the lab?

As I moved between laboratories, I got to see many different lab systems and was fascinated to see how widely working practices differed from site to site on these Laboratory Information Management Systems. I’ve always had an interest in IT and am not afraid to dabble so a pathology IT job has that balance of IT and healthcare that I love. 

What attracted you to CliniSys?

The patient and patient care is still my prime focus and a role with CliniSys allows me to maintain this focus as I deploy new systems and design workflows. This helps our customers free up vital resources so that they can concentrate on the patient. Being a part of a large and successful business, I have a greater influence on the NHS and can provide guidance to Trusts to employ best practice workflows. 

How has your career developed or changed within CliniSys?  

I can’t quite believe that I’ve been with CliniSys for five years now.  It’s been enjoyable, rewarding and diverse.  I started as a Product Specialist before a two-year period in the PMO office supporting project management activities. CliniSys has helped me grow my skills and it was a real honour to be promoted to Domain Lead for CellPath as I have a great team I work with. We all bring something different and learn from each other. As Domain Lead, I also work with and learn from the wider delivery teams in Microbiology, Blood Sciences and Blood Transfusion 

Are there any experiences that stand out during your time at CliniSys? 

I’ll never forget my first go live project as lead product specialist. I was grateful to have plenty of support from the team, as the deployment of a new system is a long and sometimes formidable process but highly rewarding one. The customer was so appreciative; it made all the hard work worthwhile. 

What do you enjoy most about your current role? 

The fact that I have a voice that is heard, where I’m able to influence the Cellular Pathology service for the better. I love to fight the “I’ve always done it that way” position and help customers overcome their fear of change to get the best out of their new system.  I never dictate but rather work with our customers to find the best solution. 

I’m also privileged to be able to input into and influence product development and have a great relationship with the Product team. I’m pleased to say we’re now seeing the WinPath CellPath system being redesigned to handle new and future workflows such as support for Digital Pathology.