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15 January 2021

‘Joining the dots’ at CliniSys

Paul Jackson

Group Marketing Director

Newly appointed Group Marketing Director at Clinisys, Paul Jackson, provides an introduction and some initial observations.

When you look at some of the stats from the Clinisys Group, our success is impressive.

  • Clinisys processes data for circa 60% of pathology in the UK and has leading market shares across Europe for Laboratory Information Management Systems.
  • The UK’s leading order communications platform – Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE), with over 40 million tests ordered by GPs each year and 35% of the acute sector market share. The software also underpins national NHS services such as England’s HPV screening

Such an impressive background and pedigree lays a great foundation for a senior marketer to build further at Clinisys. For this unassuming organisation, that quietly and efficiently developed solutions that have become the backbone of many healthcare systems across Europe, now is the time for Clinisys to step out of the shadows.

A graphic designer by trade, I have spent over 20 years working within healthcare IT supplier organizations developing and building their marketing infrastructure to maximise strategic and commercial goals. In its simplest form at Clinisys, it is about ‘joining the dots’ and bringing the organization together as one powerful brand and voice. Marketing planning is already underway and starting in the first quarter of 2021 there will be a series of initiatives to support the Clinisys Group’s marketing and corporate goals.

‘Joining the dots’ already seems to be my common phrase for 2021. A positive consequence of 2020 was the significant improvement in the way we collaborate, and it will continue to develop in 2021. Also, 2020 drove our ability to look at things in a different way to maximise (and enhance) the benefit, by extending technology that already exists, so it can be applied further and wider across health and social care. Clinisys has been adept at extending its existing technology and deployments to meet some of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic, specifically in support novel and mass testing and the rapid reporting of COVID-19 results back to key workers and citizens.

Whilst I am new in post, attributes that became quickly clear are the strength, determination, and passion right across the organization to get the job done, even with the challenges that 2020 brought. Incorporate marketing into this and you can amplify those attributes and the outcomes further and wider.

The continued success of the Clinisys Group is also another mechanism that marketing will continue to use to strengthen the message. And it is not just about the ongoing contract wins, which are fantastic, but it is also about successful deployments or new product releases, and the tangible benefits and improvements they bring to our customers. Whether it be an individual deployment or network approach, our customer stories will continue to be told and shared. The recent launch of GLIMS Genetics in the UK has also been positively received and we are already speaking to several Genetic Laboratory Hubs and Local Genetic Laboratories.

2020 has reset many things and marketing is very much included, especially around physical face to face events, which are always an important part of the calendar. Marketers have had to change approaches and look at things in a completely different way, enabling the use of different media and creative approaches. This will continue in 2021 and become adapted as another element of the marketer’s toolkit.