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One central LIS for Ikazia Hospital’s medical laboratory


Hospital with 365 beds

1.5 million lab tests per year

2200 employees

Rotterdam, the Netherlands


The implementation of one central LIS for both the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory and the Medical Microbiology Laboratory.


Far fewer administrative tasks and more time for laboratory work due to the ability to highly automate work processes.


One LIS for all laboratory disciplines

Ikazia is a hospital in the heart of Rotterdam. Here, young and old alike receive care of the highest quality in a warm, familiar environment.

It was time to replace the old LIS and Ikazia went looking for a new solution. That solution had to consist of one central LIS for all laboratory disciplines: blood transfusions, clinical chemistry and medical microbiology. The hospital was also looking for a supplier with extensive experience in the laboratory sector and a large market share in the Netherlands. For Ikazia, Clinisys | MIPS with the GLIMS LIS turned out to be the logical choice.

Our approach

Successful go-live despite corona

IIn April 2021 – a good year after the start of the project – the GLIMS LIS at Ikazia successfully went live with a “big bang” deployment approach.

Because of the corona pandemic, the implementation itself turned out to be a challenge. A significant portion of the implementation was performed remotely, and MS Teams was used extensively. For other facets of the project, for example, the discussions concerning functional specifications and other issues, it was more convenient to be physically together, so we performed these tasks on-site. And now that we have seen how efficient this hybrid working method can, in fact, be, we have adopted it as our standard project approach.

What is unique here is that the various Ikazia laboratories are very closely linked, which means that management can easily and efficiently maintain a clear overview of them all. This also made it a very enjoyable collaboration.

A.C. Holwerda-Klompe

Laboratory Manager


I am very pleased with the cooperation on this project. The project was already up and running when I came to Ikazia. But I was involved right from the start, and I received a lot of information about the course of events and the project’s progress. The go-live went very well, even though we had to postpone it by a few months due to COVID. The project manager’s realistic vision and solution-oriented focus have certainly contributed to the successful progression and realization of the project.


Satisfied across the board

Ikazia now has a stably maintained LIS with proven functionality that complies in full with all the laboratory’s requirements.

Jannes Aman

Support Services Manager


We now have a flexible and forward-looking solution that allows us to quickly provide results to both the doctor and the patient. What is also important is that the system provides us with adequate management information. This gives us insight into costs and expenses, and allows us to assess the lab order patterns. And that helps us to manage our business efficiently.


The staff of the Medical Microbiology Lab are extremely satisfied. New to that lab are the analyser links. Many manual actions have now been converted into automated processes. These processes result in better throughput and a paperless operation. While, in the past, there was a shortage of hands, the analysts can now do the work they were trained to do and no longer have to spend their time on administrative tasks.

“The results are now directly available in the system, whereas we used to have to enter them manually and then call the requesters. All in all, we estimate a time-savings of about 3 hours a day.”
A.C. Holwerda – Klompe, Laboratory Manager 


  • GLIMS provides support and automation for the entire process, from pre-analysis to reporting and statistics.
  • One central LIS for all laboratory disciplines ensures that everything is easy to manage.
  • The processes for blood transfusions and microbiology are now highly automated, in comparison to how they were in the past. The likelihood of errors has been significantly reduced.
  • All in all, approximately 3 hours a day are saved, so that the staff have more time for their actual work: caring for the patients.
  • With its comprehensive track & trace system, GLIMS also makes an essential contribution to the laboratory’s ISO 15189 accreditation.
  • Based on the generation of adequate management information, the laboratory can organize its operations more efficiently than ever before.

A.C. Holwerda


Laboratory Manager

The results are now directly available in the system, whereas we used to have to enter them manually and then call the requesters. All in all, we estimate a time-savings of about 3 hours a day.