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19 January 2024

Clinisys Ayurjanani, an initiative to eradicate anemia in under privileged kids and women

CSR :Ayurjanani: A corporate social responsibility initiative to eradicate Anaemia and iron deficiency in under-privileged children and women.

At Clinisys we take every opportunity to keep our communities heathier & safer. Our India team recently launched a corporate social responsibility initiative to eradicate Anaemia and iron deficiency particularly in kids and women in the under-privileged section.

According to a report published by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, in absolute numbers Anaemia affects 1.62 billion people globally with about 293 million children of preschool age, 56 million pregnant women, and 468 million non-pregnant women estimated to be anaemic. Especially children and women of reproductive age are most at risk. Developing countries like Africa and Asia account for more than 85 per cent of the absolute anaemia burden in high-risk groups and India is the worst hit country*. 

Under Clinisys CSR, we decided to reach out and help kids and women in the under privileged section of the society in our local communities. Our volunteers identified shelter homes in Bangalore and Kolkata to distribute nutritious and iron rich food and grocery items, everyday essentials and spread awareness about it.

A team of volunteers in Bengaluru distributed food and other essentials to 70 children aged between 6 to 16 years and about 30 senior women citizens residing at Sumangali Seva Ashram. They also planted saplings of iron rich fruits and vegetables at the shelter.

In Kolkata, our volunteering team also conducted non-invasive blood tests to check iron deficiency and distributed iron rich food and essentials to the residents of Nijoloy & ChildCare Home.

With such initiatives our efforts remain to make an impact in tackling such widespread health condition and also spread awareness about it.

At Clinisys we are committed to build a healthier community and will continue to make an impact in our communities at every opportunity. Thanks to our volunteers and the team in India for making it a reality.

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