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2 November 2023

Day in the life – Pranav Prafulla


Meet Pranav Prafulla, Quality Engineer, Next Gen AP -CLP,  Clinisys India

Our young techie Pranav Prafulla believes that pursuing excellence at work is non-negotiable, as he realises that his work makes a difference in the real world and directly impacts millions of patients and society at large. Pranav started his journey with Clinisys India in 2019 and is currently working as a Quality Engineer with Next Gen AP on CLP team. We recently had a brief chat with Pranav to understand what keeps him motivated about his job every day and how he finds purpose through work.

What attracted you to your role at Clinisys?

I joined the organization as part of our internship program in 2019 and this developed into a full-time position. So, it’s been a long journey of four years and there has been a lot of learning in the process. Initially, I was a part of the Clinical Pathology (CP) team where I worked on several products such as Lab, Collect and TRM. When I started, I was new to the domain, so I had limited knowledge of the software or technologies being used in the healthcare community. However, once I started working at Clinisys, I understood the amount of work that goes behind creating a simple healthcare solution.

How has your career journey been so far within Clinisys?

Initially I was part of the CP team where I was mainly working on Lab and POC Products, but last year, I shifted to next Gen AP on CLP team.  Now, we are working to come up with the latest anatomic pathology workflows. I can also say that moving to a new team has helped me to adapt and understand the latest trends and technologies in the testing side. As we gradually we moved to automation, I have learned new skills. Working with the latest tools has given me a whole new understanding of the current technology industry. My current role also helped me enhance my softer skills like communication. Since we are very big organization spread across different regions, we need to interact with different teams from different regions and countries. It has really helped me to become better at communication and collaboration.

What do you enjoy the most about your current role ?

As a Quality Engineer I am responsible for the functional and system testing of products. My role is to ensure that the products we are delivering to our customers are of the highest quality. As these directly impact patients’ lives, even a small error can cause a difference in a life and death situation. Therefore, practically there is no margin for error and therein, lies the importance of what I do on a day -to- day basis.

I also like the fact that ‘quality is of utmost importance to this organisation’. We are a part of the healthcare community and there is always an emphasis on the quality in our products. Our responsibility is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers and to people. As a professional I also observe how we are moving to automation to bring in efficiency. Earlier, we used to test products manually but now we have moved to automation which gives us the advantage of reusability and reduces our effort. Now we write test automation scripts using SpecFlow and C#. This saves time and minimizes risks or issues, our processes are also now more efficient and convenient. We are also taking bold steps towards Cloud technology. Moving to a new team has given me exposure on how cloud platform works. It has also made me understand what goes behind the actual testing processes like security testing, performance testing etc. I have always been curious to learn new skills and explore the different tools and testing methodologies in testing domain.

What do you like about the organisation?

 The entire team here is approachable and friendly including the seniors or the management. I can reach out to them whenever I have any doubt, it doesn’t matter if its big or small. People don’t throw the weight of their designation but rather comes forth to help. Another thing is that everyone has a sense of professionalism and accountability. Being accountable as a professional, being supportive to others and being committed towards achieving the goal are few qualities that are embedded into the culture here.

Is there any experience that stand out as you look back at your journey with Clinisys?

Nowadays it is rare to find an organization that truly prioritises employee wellbeing. Am glad Clinisys really upholds that value by practicing it. In my initial days, right after my joining I had some health issues. I needed some time off to take care of my health and I hesitated to ask for medical leave right after joining. But my manager and my team members supported me so I could prioritise my health. As a newcomer, at that time, I found that to be a kind gesture. I think it really proves that the organization recognizes that health comes first, and they have policies that focuses on employee wellbeing.

A little more about Pranav Prafulla

Apart from being a QE with AP team Pranav is also an excellent communicator and leads Clinisys Toastmasters Club in India. He also loves spending time outdoors in treks and hikes. He lives with his family in Bangalore.