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Clinisys Cellular Pathology Laboratory

Optimise your Anatomical Pathology processes

Our comprehensive Anatomical Pathology solution is relied upon by healthcare professionals to test, diagnose and treat millions of patients every day. Our fully scalable and interoperable solution increases the efficiency of both routine tasks and the most complex workflows. All areas fully supported, including: 
· Histology 
· Cytology 
· Mortuary 
· Digital Pathology

Tailored to any environment

Our solution is extremely flexible and can be configured to meet the precise needs of your department — whether a small or large pathology lab, in a hospital or commercial laboratory. Even if you work with a central, multi-source architecture (one central lab serving several client hospitals), or a multi-location architecture (several physical labs with one central database), we can streamline the most complex processes.

Equipped to support all pathology tasks with user-friendly and task-oriented workflows: 
· Sampling and registration 
· Macroscopic examination 
· Preparation of slides and cases 
· Microscopic reporting 
· Consolidated reporting 
· Multi-disciplinary consultations 

Achieve the highest workflow efficiencies and pathologist productivity

We deliver the solutions your laboratory service requires to create complex workflows, such as digital pathology and telepathology. Minimising turnaround times to boost your pathologists’ productivity and get more done with less.

Benefit from the latest technical enhancements

Establish paperless, streamlined workflows through integration with interactive speech recognition and digital pathology solutions. Provide your pathologists with tools for standardised reporting and multi-disciplinary consultations using recognised terminology (SNOMED CT).

Traceability at your fingertips

Implement best practice and maximise efficiencies with the ability to track & trace multiple specimens and derivatives. No more hunting for, or misplacing specimens. Our integrated solution ensures full connectivity with Workflow Management and Image Management systems.

Comprehensive reporting

Enhanced integrated reporting solutions streamline pathologist workflows and create dynamic patient reports. Consolidate all data in a holistic view of laboratory results to streamline diagnoses. Pathologists can have access to synoptic reporting that automates national cancer screening registry reporting.

Proven solutions for Pathology Networks

Our solutions and partnership working expertise has enabled NHS Trusts to develop and implement NHS pathology networks, and broader hospitals, suppliers, and laboratories to develop bespoke network arrangements. Our expertise ensures your investment is realised and patient services improved.  

Our unparalleled experience in enabling and driving IT process change, delivers measurable improvements in pathology network performance.

Laboratory solutions

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