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Clinisys | MIPS is now Clinisys

Clinisys: The number one provider of laboratory information systems

Clinisys | MIPS, now Clinisys is the number one provider of laboratory information systems worldwide. Clinisys brings together laboratory information system expertise across the globe to offer flexible laboratory solutions across healthcare, environment, toxicology and public health, pharma and biotech.

Clinisys is a trusted partner to hospitals and private healthcare organizations across the globe. We routinely provide reliable, intuitive diagnostics solutions that help you spend more time focusing on patient care.

Our scalable end-to-end solutions cover diagnostics workflow as well as electronic order entry and result consultation.
Close up of scientist looking through microscope
Close up of scientist looking through microscope


Clinisys GLIMS is a high-performance laboratory information system (LIS) allowing you to organise and automate all processes exactly as you want them: from order entry and instrument control to results reporting, invoicing, and statistics.

Shot of a senior scientist working on a laptop in a lab
Shot of a senior scientist working on a laptop in a lab

GLIMS Genetics

GLIMS Genetics is the leading-edge laboratory software for human genetics combining the strengths of a mature Laboratory Information System (LIS) with specialist genetics requirements to provide an efficient, interoperable workflow that directly meets your needs.

It can be used as a stand-alone version, that interfaces with next-generation sequencing devices, or as part of a complete GLIMS configuration that delivers all the advantages of a powerful, modern laboratory information system to the genetics department.

CyberLab Order Communications and Results Reporting

Clinisys CyberLab is a customisable, intelligent order entry and result consultation solution, enabling you to request laboratory tests and receive fast, reliable results with CyberLab software. Its capabilities include order entry, specimen tracking, and result reporting to help enable efficient laboratory workflows.

Scientist Working in The Laboratory
Scientist Working in The Laboratory

Clinisys DaVinci pathology solution 

With Clinisys DaVinci for pathology departments can optimise pathology processes and work more efficiently and collaboratively.  

It’s a user-friendly, comprehensive solution providing advanced business intelligence and reporting that increases the efficiency of routine tasks and complex workflows, such as anatomical pathology and digital pathology.

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