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Clinisys Disease Surveillance

Enable a quick and complete response to public health threats

Clinisys Disease Surveillance provides local, regional, and national public health professionals with a comprehensive solution to enable disease reporting, surveillance, and outbreak and case management, which improves public health outcomes and health equity.

Respond to outbreaks and improve outcomes

In every country, disease surveillance and outbreak management now top the agenda of public health officials. For many years, our solution has successfully managed hundreds of different types of disease outbreaks at both a local, regional, state, and national level.

Use highly configurable, pre-existing workflows configured to support the over 150+ reportable conditions, that enable disease investigators to interview patients, identify clusters, and control outbreaks.

Integrate participants and systems

Our solution provides public health professionals with the tools to exchange data between health departments, laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare providers using disease surveillance software. This helps faster identification and an integrated response, increasing effectiveness and enabling a consistent regulatory reporting system.

Improve surveillance

Investigate incidents of communicable diseases and other public health threats quickly and efficiently. We enable healthcare providers to report incidents, submitting them to public health departments for rapid assignment, investigation, and case management through a National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (NEDDS) compatible system.

Outbreak management

Trace contacts and track transmission to identify and understand threat vectors. Use our intuitive tools to link people, diseases, events, locations, outbreaks, and contacts, including animal records. Adopt proactive strategies for limiting spread of diseases and developing successful prevention strategies.

Shot of a young scientist using a digital tablet in a lab
Shot of a young scientist using a digital tablet in a lab

Case management

Using workflows configured to hundreds of individual diseases and aligned to local regulation, all cases and associated data, files, and documents are gathered in our case management solution throughout the lifecycle of each incident, until ready for closure.

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