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Clinisys Laboratory Solutions

Transform your laboratory

Ensure your lab remains competitive by choosing and using a future-proof lab solution, designed for the cloud and ready for artificial intelligence.

Clinisys Laboratory Solutions™ speed up workflow and simplify processes across end-to-end lab operations within a wide range of industries and sectors.

Stay ahead of the competition:
• Work intuitively and increase team productivity.
• Make better decisions, produce test results faster and more efficiently.
• Build and launch new services effortlessly.
• Reduce complexity and cut the technology deficit that is holding you back.

Clinisys Laboratory Solutions offer a family of industry and discipline-specific solutions, alongside universal solutions that provide capabilities applicable to every lab. Our solutions enable your teams to transform your lab workflows and processes to work smarter.

Offering flexible configurability and interoperability, Clinisys Laboratory Solutions future-proof your lab by enabling end-to-end workflow automation, unlimited connectivity, easily available data structures, complete quality control, and more. Learn more about how it works and the opportunities for your laboratory by watching the video below.

A scalable cloud environment

From streamlined sample and specimen management and access to real-time data analytics, to end-to-end automation tools, Clinisys Laboratory Solutions are optimised to run on a modern cloud architecture and data centric model. This resilient, cost-effective, and scalable cloud environment is the Clinisys Platform™.

Shaping your laboratory

The Clinisys Platform is the foundation for all Clinisys Laboratory Solutions, providing the capabilities and flexibility you need to run efficient, compliant, and successful lab operations. Combining seamless integration of data and workflows with modern cloud architecture and advanced analytics, our platform helps enable healthier and safer communities around the world.

Discover the Clinisys Platform

Next-generation laboratory information management systems

Clinisys universal solutions

Our group of universal solutions provide capabilities applicable to every lab, whatever industry or sector they operate within.

Clinisys industry solutions

Clinisys Laboratory Solutions is a family of solutions spanning seven distinct industries, including; environment and water, public health, and healthcare.

Solutions for healthcare

Clinisys is the market-leading, single-platform provider of healthcare solutions for all pathology disciplines, including genetics. Our solutions give an end-to-end coverage across the entire specimen journey in healthcare.

Scientist selecting bottle of solution in lab
Scientist selecting bottle of solution in lab

Solutions for contract services

Clinisys solutions support contract research and laboratory services organizations operating within all stages of the research, testing, commercialisation, and production lifecycle across many diverse sectors and disciplines.

Solutions for crop sciences

Clinisys crop sciences solutions cover the scope of testing within crop sciences that stretches from gene to the field, from crop to food, embracing consumer safety and environmental sustainability.

Solutions for environment and water

Clinisys solutions support environmental labs testing soil, air, water, wastewater, solids, biomonitoring, and microbiology.

Solutions for food and beverage

Clinisys solutions serve labs in the food and beverage sector that test and analyse food materials, identify contaminants, ensure ingredient stability, check cross-contamination, and investigate packaging materials and production processes.

Solutions for pharma and biotech

Clinisys solutions are helping labs to quickly and safely deliver complex pharma and biotech research programmes, integrating multiple scientific disciplines, test methodologies, instrumentation, and techniques.

Solutions for public health

Clinisys solutions support public health departments and laboratories to enable the efficient collection, testing, analysis, and reporting of data to accelerate rapid responses, track and monitor population level changes, and inform long term planning and health strategies.

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