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Clinisys Public Health Laboratory

The complete public health laboratory

Providing all the benefits of a modern laboratory information system (LIMS), Clinisys Public Health Laboratory supports the multi-disciplinary needs of public health departments. Best-of-breed workflows are built from our extensive capabilities to serve a wide variety of specialist lab disciplines.

Integrated public health lab solution

Effective laboratory testing and reporting is critical to public health organizations to execute their legal responsibilities. Clinisys Public Health Laboratory provides multi-disciplinary diagnostic capabilities ranging from sample collection, testing, and analysis, through to final reporting and audit. 

Exceptional integration capability provides links to related systems and other local government and national agencies. Clinisys Public Health Laboratory supports labs operating at county, state, municipal, and regional health levels, in one location or connecting multi-site networks.

Protect and improve public health

The complexity of public health labs demands a specialist solution. Responsibilities range across all the specialities of healthcare and clinical disciplines, into toxicology, water, and environmental. Clinisys Public Health Laboratory brings together proven workflows supporting each of these specialisations, configured to the precise requirement of each public health customer. 
Additionally, Clinisys Public Health Laboratory integrates with our complementary solutions, Clinisys Infectious Disease Management, and Clinisys Newborn Screening Management.

Efficient end-to-end processes

Libraries of pre-configured workflows help you to deploy quickly and then efficiently manage the diversity of public health lab processes across a wide range of disciplines, sample types, range of instruments, and testing protocols. Workflow for healthcare and clinical, food quality and safety, water quality and sanitation, soil, and environmental diagnostic requirements.

Quality and automation

Quality control is integral at every step. We ensure relevant sampling and analytical methodologies are followed, producing an unbroken record of all sample details, notes, and data for audit. Automation of multiple instrument data saves time and eliminates human error. Reporting from multiple sources is integrated for rapid response and escalation.

Regulators and other agencies

Get full traceability and audit for compliance purposes against the extensive range of national and international regulations that apply in public health, including those for healthcare, food quality, public safety, water quality, and environmental requirements. Including links to national and international reference databases. Integration with related agencies for policing, criminal justice, and security purposes, as required for providing integrated emergency responses to outbreaks, spillages, or other large scale threats to public health.

Laboratory solutions

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