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Clinisys Laboratory Platform

The future of Laboratory operations

The Clinisys Laboratory Platform provides thousands of laboratory managers and professionals around the world with the capabilities they need to run efficient, compliant and successful lab operations.

Platform architecture

Built using our substantial experience and innovative technologies, featuring best of breed and domain specific lab capabilities, proven workflow processes and easy connectivity, our platform approach solves the challenges facing labs in different sectors and industries.

1. Clinisys Laboratory Solutions

Enable your team to work smarter by transforming your lab through digitalisation and AI. Integrated within the platform, each Clinisys Laboratory Solution is optimised to meet the specific needs of an individual industry, discipline or specialisation.

2. Laboratory Processes and Laboratory Applications 

Highly configurable workflow and integrated applications underpin every Clinisys Laboratory Solution. Our platform provides all the core processes and compliance necessary to enable you to capture the power of your lab data and run an efficient, modern lab operation.

3. Platform Infrastructure 

The Clinisys Laboratory Platform architecture enables you to operate cost effectively at any scale, from ambitious startups to national networks. Our data model and platform help you future proof for new innovation, and benefit from AI and machine learning.

Fixing your priorities: today and tomorrow

The Clinisys Laboratory Platform provides the advantages of a modern cloud architecture and data model with insights to help you make better business decisions.

Solve your current challenges

The Clinisys Laboratory Platform increases the efficiency of your laboratory and empowers your team with new tools. 

Protect your future competitiveness

Prepare for a future that requires management of increased data volumes from a diversity of sources and devices.

Focus upon your customers

Clinisys is the trusted technology partner your organization requires. We will help you deliver for your customers.

The Clinisys Laboratory Platform explained

Laboratory Solutions

The family of Clinisys Laboratory Solutions provide the sector and domain specific features needed to support essential laboratory processes within nine major industries, ranging in scale from national networks to small labs and fast growing startups. Our lab solutions capture all our experience of supporting customers for over forty years and leverage the power of our platform.

Laboratory Processes

Labs in diverse sectors share many common processes. Clinisys builds these capabilities once, and makes them available to all our platform customers regardless of industry or sector. Our Laboratory Processes provide robust and comprehensive support for common workflows such as order processing, specimen management, sample collection, image management, device connectivity, analytics and reporting.

Laboratory Applications

Our scientific Laboratory Applications – which provide electronic laboratory notebook and scientific document management functionality – are used alongside industry specific lab solutions in sectors such as pharma, biotech and contract services. Secure integration to our core platform simplifies data gathering and analysis for technicians and research scientists, while providing a single source of truth for audit and compliance purposes.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Whether you run your systems on-premise, or in a private or public cloud, the Clinisys Laboratory Platform can support your lab operations. When running in our cloud infrastructure you are able to scale cost-effectively and benefit from advanced security and comprehensive data storage, all fully configurable to your lab requirements. Once your lab data is secure in our platform, you will have the confidence and capabilities needed to succeed long term.

Industry expertise