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27 February 2021

Day in the life – Dominick Deman


We caught up with one of our GLIMS Software Developers, Dominick Deman, to find out more about his work at Clinisys and what he most enjoys about his role.

Dominick Deman

Dominick intensively worked on developing a new Genetics module for our LIS GLIMS, together with 7 other colleagues. The first version of this new module was released after +/- 2 years and is well received in the market.

Did you always have a clear idea about what you wanted to do – and has that changed over the years? 

When I finished school, I had the ambition to say goodbye to programming after a few years and to start a more project management related function. After several years of tasting project management tasks however, I had to come back to this. I noticed that I had more satisfaction and drive for programming than for project management. At the moment I have the ambition to further develop myself in this, there is still so much to learn and it is also a world that is constantly evolving. So it still fascinates me to date.

What attracted you to Clinisys?

The picture of Clinisys was right for me: development is being done in the same programming language in which I had already been working for 7 years. I also had a good feeling about the people – future colleagues – with whom I had my first conversations. A nice bonus was that the office is close to my hometown. In addition, my wife works in the building next to Clinisys, which allows us to carpool regularly.

How has your career developed or changed within Clinisys?

After 3,5 years of working at Clinisys, I have not changed positions. I started as  a software developer and still am.
However, some responsibilities have been added over the years.

How did you experience your onboarding and training?

My start-up at Clinisys (in the middle of the holidays, early August) consisted of a few days of intensive GLIMS training. As a result, I became familiar with the application relatively quickly and soon I could start helping with some (smaller) developments. On a technical level I needed less training, because the programming language was the same as in my previous jobs. Other colleagues get several weeks of external training to become familiar with the language (OpenEdge Progress).

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Helping to develop an advanced LIS system creates the necessary challenges and makes every day an exciting and varied day. Working closely with fellow developers, testers and analysts also ensures that you feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Are there any experiences that stand out during your time at Clinisys?

My last 3 years at Clinisys were all about developing a new Genetics module for the LIS system GLIMS. We have worked intensively on this together with 7 other colleagues. The first version of this new module was released after +/- 2 years and it is great to hear that this module is well received in the market. The first customer is already live and several go-lives are planned. Exciting times.

Any advice to anyone interested in making the move? 

As a developer you will find yourself in an exciting environment with plenty of opportunities to grow. Don’t be put off by the complex architecture behind some applications, there is enough time to discover them. Also the programming language -Progress- should not scare you off, you will get intensive training to master the language and your colleagues are always there to support you.