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End-to-End-Lösungen für den gesamten Diagnoseprozess

Create integrated, digital workflows for the entire genetic spectrum

Clinisys GLIMS Genetics combines the strengths of a mature Laboratory Information System (LIS) with specialist genetic requirements to provide an efficient, interoperable workflow that directly meets your needs.

Software designed with you in mind

To cater for the most rapidly changing and complex area in healthcare we’ve developed a workflow software solution tailored specifically for genetics.

GLIMS Genetics covers the entire genetic spectrum including next-generation sequencing, and its flexibility allows for editable workflows to provide a truly bespoke solution for your laboratory. It creates integrated, digital workflows:
· Conventional and molecular cytogenetics
· Molecular genetics
· Tumour genetics
· Array CGH, MLPA, PCR, and Sanger sequencing
· Next-generation sequencing
· Capacity for future technologies

Delivering lasting value for your laboratory

Clinisys works in partnership with international clinical genetics laboratories to remain at the forefront of innovation to anticipate new and emerging requirements. These insights ensure Clinisys GLIMS Genetics delivers:
· High-level automation to minimize risk of errors
· Complete genetics workflow tailored to this rapidly developing specialism
· Family management with a comprehensive drawing pedigree solution for clear analysis
· Automated decision making
· Flexible configuration for small laboratories or large, multi-site networked laboratories
· Clinical Genetics module, with patient management and appointment tools

Scalable solution for multi-site deployments

GLIMS Genetics can be used as a standalone solution with a gene panel and variant results management, interconnected with other laboratory information systems and essential interfaces to all common expert systems.

Alternatively, it can be configured as part of a complete diagnostics LIS such as GLIMS with all the advantages of a powerful, modern laboratory information system as well as the flexibility to run a single instance of GLIMS across multiple sites and networked workflows.

Specialist support for genetics workflows

Standardization, communication and sample routing challenges are all addressed, giving you an efficient, automated, and interoperable system.

Shot of a young scientist using a digital tablet in a lab
Shot of a young scientist using a digital tablet in a lab

Integrated pedigree drawing application

An intuitive, comprehensive pedigree drawing tool for family management displays the results and genetic history of the family or selected patient, and can show multiple phenotypes and complex relationships.

Scientists working at the laboratory
Scientists working at the laboratory

Support for comprehensive genetic workflows

Clinisys GLIMS Genetics provides a dedicated screen for genetic examination, detailing the entire work process (PCR, PT-PCR, Sanger sequencing, NGS, FISH, Karyotype, MicroArray).

All common genetic technologies are fully supported and new technologies can readily be incorporated.

Simple workflow configuration

The integrated graphic tool enables you to display, change, and expand the entire workflow yourself, providing the flexibility to design workflows as required.

User interaction with a workflow can be controlled to attain balance between maximising efficiency, facilitating standardization throughout a procedure, and generating an appropriate amount of data about the status of samples.

Clear and concise reporting

Generate individual reports for every test, or combine any or all results on a sample or patient in a single integrated report with an overall summary or MDT conclusion.

Reports can be rapidly created to incorporate images, graphs, tables, or content from any available field into pre-configured text strings.

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