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Clinisys Digital Pathology Management

Meeting the digital pathology challenge

Anatomical Pathology departments are under increasing pressure to support pathology networks and a remote pathologist workforce, as well as streamline reporting and diagnoses. This, coupled with a shortage of pathologists, demands new innovative solutions and workflow approaches.

Highly integrated diagnostic console

A diagnostic console and reporting platform for histopathologists aimed at streamlining diagnoses and saving minutes per case. Integrated with all mainstream digital pathology systems, pathologists benefit from a personalized user interface that aggregates diagnostic information from multiple data sources.

Breaking down geographic & organizational boundaries

A solution combining the tools pathologists need, with simplicity and performance. Images are accessible remotely, enabling reporting from any location, to create international consultancy platforms and networks for diagnosis of rare tumors, and more.

Holistic patient-centric view — simplify analysis and interpretation

An intuitive solution that offers comprehensive reporting and streamlines the diagnostic review process for anatomical pathologists. Gain a single view of relevant patient data from multiple sources (anatomic, clinical, molecular, and digital pathology) in one cohesive layout. 
Shot of two mature scientists working together in a lab
Shot of two mature scientists working together in a lab

Reduce turnaround times

Simplify test, block and slide ordering. Spend less time authoring reports and switching between systems. Pathologists can quickly identify case and order status to efficiently and cohesively determine diagnoses and enjoy a significant time saving per case.

Minimise risk of misdiagnosis

The risk of misdiagnosis, however rare, is reduced by the ability to view multi-disciplinary information from multiple systems centrally, all linked by the patient identifier. Data re-entry across systems and manual look ups are reduced, leading to a reduction in case addendums.

Multi-disciplinary consultations

Accessing slides digitally simplifies and advances multi-disciplinary consultations, such as tumour boards. Pathologists are free to discuss their patients at a consult, while having access to the relevant images at their fingertips. Customisable layouts meet individual needs.

Laboratory solutions

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