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End-to-End-Lösungen für den gesamten Diagnoseprozess

Boost your Anapath workflow with DaVinci

DaVinci is a user-friendly, comprehensive solution, developed following intensive collaboration between pathologists, laboratory technicians and IT specialists.

Providing accurate, rapid diagnoses are paramount for patients and laboratory Services departments play a crucial role in these diagnoses. With DaVinci you can optimise your pathology processes, so your employees can work more efficiently and collaboratively to provide faster results. All of which helps advance the quality of care you can provide to patients.

Tailored to every environment

DaVinci seamlessly exchanges data with laboratory instruments and the various software packages used in your department, institution or client environments.

It’s an extremely flexible system, which can easily be configured to meet the precise needs of your department and increase the efficiency of routine tasks for the most complex workflows, including:
· Histology
· Cytology
· Tumour banks
· Molecular pathology
· Digital pathology

Revolutionise your workflow

DaVinci digitises workflows to minimise manual tasks and paper-consumption:
· User-friendly and task-oriented workflows for all traditional pathology processes
· Functionality for complex workflows, such as digital pathology, telepathology, second opinions and supervised validation
· Access to handy tools for standardised reporting, including well-organised templates and wizards and image insertion
· Compile reports completely hands-free for both macroscopic and microscopic examinations, using interactive speech recognition, Bluetooth headsets, and foot pedals
· Complete functionality for multidisciplinary consultations
· Full access to personalised tasks and shared worklists for pathologists, assistants, laboratory technicians, and administrative staff, to foster collaboration and improved efficiency

Secure, smart and advanced tools to support your laboratory

Customisable dashboards and tools to help organise and access samples and statistical analysis when and where required.

Exchange data securely and efficiently

DaVinci is an open system exchanging data transparently with other software:

  • laboratory information systems
  • electronic patient files
  • hospital information systems
  • billing systems
  • image archives
  • national databases for cancer registration etc.

All system interfaces are based on international standards, such as IHE and HL7 standards.

All instruments and automatic equipment can be easily connected to DaVinci: cassette and slide printers, stainers etc.

Scientist working in the laboratory
Scientist working in the laboratory

Advanced business intelligence reporting

Detailed logging, powerful search engines, and statistical analyses provide insight into laboratory activities and turnaround times, helping you to increase efficiency.

Our customisable dashboard delivers information about process bottlenecks or workload peaks so you can take appropriate action.

Scientist Working in The Laboratory
Scientist Working in The Laboratory

Smart worklists

Samples can be automatically assigned to your worklists, especially where preconfigured stains are sent to linked staining instruments based on the type of sample, with a visual indication of their urgency.

Dedicated drawing module

Digital Sketch Module allows you to load histological preparations sketches and flags task completion during the preparation phase, providing easy access to all preparation information.

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